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Ids Surveillance Solution

Ids intelligent video surveillance solution provides assessment capabilities and improves situational awareness at each layer of the integrated security system. This comprehensive surveillance solution helps identify potential threats throughout a facility, including hazardous areas, as well as the perimeter and beyond.

How We Overcome Challenging Lighting Conditions:

Today’s IP cameras are capable of delivering high-quality, HD video in ideal lighting conditions. But what happens when the lighting you rely on is less than ideal? Ids provides IP cameras designed to deliver the most-detailed video in the most challenging lighting conditions. Whether you are faced with wide dynamic range or even low-light  situations, we have a camera that meets your needs.

Surveillance solution for small businesses

If you’re starting a company or own a small business, securing your assets and personnel is a step never to be overlooked. An efficient surveillance solution provides you with means of minimizing incidents or shoplifting, generating customer satisfaction, and increasing your productivity in the long run.

To help you achieve this task, Ids offers Surveillance Station, which includes various features optimized for small installations. Our user-friendly surveillance management system is cost-effective, making it your ideal solution to help secure your business!


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