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IT Supply Service

From selection to deployment, Ids provides IT supply  services to businesses across the Bangladesh. Choosing and procuring the right technology is just the beginning of the IT supply challenge. Businesses require a set of diverse skills, systems and processes around the IT supply , meaning they must look to a trusted IT services and solutions provider to fully meet product fulfilment, lifecycle and logistics needs.

Sourcing technology through an IT partner offers a more service-focused approach with long-term value and expertise built in. Independent IT partners have no agenda in recommending products other than maintaining their relationship with the client. After all, they are not the manufacturer, and it’s in an IT partner’s best interest to recommend the most suitable, cost-effective technology that will integrate seamlessly with existing architectures.

Ids End-to-End Supply Chain Lifecycle Approach enables businesses to identify, determine and procure the appropriate products and commercials to address their technology requirements, providing a complete service and support throughout the entire lifecycle.

The supply chain services Ids provides include:

  • Product Selection: Product Selection should always be based on the business needs for the end-user’s role, making sure the product is fit for purpose. At Ids we adopt a proactive approach to product selection always making sure that the products selected maximise end-user productivity and address cost of service.
  • Roadmap Management: Our multi-vendor, cross technology roadmap service enables a proactive portfolio transition. Early visibility of product transition enables technical, commercial and vendor reviews to be undertaken so informed decisions can be made.
  • Benchmarking: We provide transparent, objective and comprehensive market analysis, vendor comparisons and component-level reviews.
  • Product Fulfilment and Business Take On: We provide standardised, repeatable, robust and measurable processes and tools to enable seamless transactions. A named account team is put in place to make sure of continuity of service and simplified communication channels.
  • Service Governance: Effective governance is fundamental to measuring service performance, enabling review and adherence with current service level agreements and accommodating amendments in line with business changes.
  • Configuration and Asset Tagging: We offer pre-configuration and asset tagging of system hardware, deploying software images prior to dispatch. Configuration can be performed across desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, departmental and enterprise servers, switches and routers. Products are asset tagged prior to deployment in accordance with your standards and requirements. We record and share asset data to maintain integrity of asset registers.
  • Build Management: Our Build Management Service is designed to enhance your existing in-house capability. Our configuration centre offers remote build access to facilitate pre-building of hardware with personalisation of assets prior to deployment.
  • Logistical Deployment: Once on site we can install the devices and connect peripherals; pulling down personal user images, migrating users’ local data, connecting power cables and performing any relevant power-on self-tests. Basic steps to finish the configuration can also be included.
  • Disposal Services: We enable businesses to maximise the lifespan and value of redundant IT assets through redeployment of existing assets or recycling in accordance with environmental legislation. Asset disposal is undertaken either on site or at our configuration centre facility. We can also assist in the re-deployment of software licenses.


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